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1 May 2015

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Canterbury Road


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Gatekeeper 2015

Above photo, July 2015, kindly submitted by Tricia Francis.

Gatekeeper inside 2015

Above photo by Tricia Francis July 2015.

Gatekeeper sign 2015

Above sign 2015.


Previously called the "New Inn" the pub closed its doors in December 2013 . Recently bought bought by Eric Gaskell of the "Jackdaw" at Denton and "Duke of Cumberland" at Barham, it is destined to open again, with the name the "Gatekeeper" in March 2015. The name apparently having connections with his Surname.


From the By Adele Couchman, 17 August 2018.

This Etchinghill barman was on a night out with friends - one year on and he's still in hospital.

Some 35k has since been raised for Aaron Jackson, who has remained paralysed in hospital for a year.

The father of a former barman who has remained in hospital for more than a year after plunging 35ft has thanked the generosity of the community.

Aaron Jackson, from Etchinghill near Folkestone, had been celebrating his birthday on August 12 last year when he suffered a tragic accident which left him paralysed.

After leaving a nightclub in Exeter alone, the former Harvey Grammar School pupil climbed a fence - only to discover it was actually a city wall with a sheer drop on the other side.

He was left with a broken neck and suffered extreme spinal damage from the fall, which has resulted in him being paralysed from the shoulders down.

Mr Jackson, who previously worked at The Gatekeeper Inn pub, was rushed to Plymouth Hospital where he remained in intensive care.

The 23-year-old was then transferred to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford and later to a specialist spinal unit in Salisbury.

He has remained there ever since.

A total of 35,000 has been raised for Mr Jackson for when he returns home, with his family thanking the "extraordinary" efforts of family, friends and strangers.

“He can still talk, though his shoulders are where his strength ends," explains his dad Tony Jackson, 55.

"We will have to seriously adapt our accommodation, if not, move. All of these things cost money.

"There is help available, but the money that has been raised will go an awful long way in making his life a lot easier."

aaron Jackson 2017

This photo of Aaron was taken just a week after the tragic accident took place.

Mr Jackson, who had recently started work as a groundsman at Howletts before his accident, will use a wheelchair he is able to control with his head when he leaves hospital.

The former grammar school pupil had been making progress in hospital, but recently had a major operation after suffering a bacteria infection - slowing his return home.

After developing gaps at the back of his throat, Mr Jackson had to undergo a major surgical procedure involving tissue taken from his thigh being grafted to the back of his throat.

Dad Tony Jackman continued: “When the guys turned up with a 1,000 Ipad Pro, it means that we can speak to him everyday over Facetime or Siri. That’s thanks to the guys down the local pub.

aaron Jackson 2017

35,000 has been raised for Aaron Jackson for when he leaves hospital.

“It provides him with a great deal of entertainment as well. He has got Amazon Prime, Netflix. When you have been lying on your back for 12 months you need something to take your mind off things."

Though Aaron's recent operation has not yet fully healed, his family hope he will be home before Christmas.

His dad continued: “It’s been tough. In the early days he was making good progress, and then he had an infection which set him back to full bedrest.

“But we’ve not just had financial support, we have had emotional support as well. Just knowing we have help there when we need it, it has been extraordinary.

“When people can restore your faith in humanity in times like this in your life, it means everything.”

Individuals and organisations who have raised money include Kelli Heynes from Colebrook Sturrock estate agency and Aaron's former employer The Gatekeeper Inn.

Funds have also been raised through cake sales, marathon runners and other pubs in the area.



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