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Earliest ????

Five Bells

Open 2020+

1 Stoke Road

Hoo St Werburgh

01634 252965

Five Bells

Above postcard, date unknown.

Hoo band 1912

Above photo showing the Hoo Band 1912, kindly sent by Mark Hatcher.

Five Bells 1957

Above postcard circa 1959, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Five Bells 2009

Above image from Google, October 2009.

Five Bells 2015

Above photo February 2015, kindly sent by Roy Moore.

Five Bells 2022

Above photo 2022.

Five Bells sign 2015

Above sign, February 2015 by Roy Moore.


In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


From the By Nicola Jordan, 22 October 2022.

Landlady of the Five Bells pub in Hoo quits after seven months due to cost of living.

The landlady of a village pub is quitting the licensing business because of financial restraints and the decline in the number of customers.

Lynn Fisher is leaving for pastures new, just seven months after taking over the Five Bells in Hoo.

Lynn Fisher 2022

Lynn Fisher, landlady of the Five Bells is quitting pub trade.

The grandmother in her late 50s, said: "I have had enough. There has to be more to life than struggling to pay the bills and having to work the seven days a week."

Ms Fisher is relocating to Devon on Monday, November 7 – the day the new tenant is moving in.

She added that the rise in the cost of living has kept the influx of young families moving into the rapidly expanding village, away.

She said: "They cannot afford it. It is dead during the week. They work during the week, come home have tea and go to bed."

While business picked up at weekends, with Sunday roasts proving popular, Mrs Fisher said she relied on a few regulars to keep afloat.

But after five years in the trade she fears the disappearance of the local pub is looming fast.

She added: "The customers we do have are getting old and when they are gone they will not be replaced by younger people at the rate we are going.

"The pub used to be the hub of the community, but now there is not that connection."



MISKIN William 1841-45+ (listed as Butcher age 25 in 1841Census)

BUGGINS Barrington 1847+

BLACKMAN William  1851-71+ (age 37 in 1851Census)

DAY Thomas-1874-82+ (age 36 in 1881Census)

PANKHURST David 1887-91+ (age 33 in 1891Census)

SANDERS George 1895-99+

BENGE John 1901-30+ (age 35 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

PANKHURST David Jubilee 1938+

CAMPBELL Keith & Maria 1975-82

FISHER Lynn Mar-Oct/2022


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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