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Director General

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55 (27) Wellington Street/Love Lane


Photos above and below taken from by Matt Martin in 29 December 2008.

Director General
Director General Graffiti

Above photo shows some of the graffiti that was on the outside of the building.

Director General

Above photo date unknown, by kind permission Chris Mansfield. Photo by Jess Burns.

Director General inside

Above photo date unknown, by kind permission Chris Mansfield. Photo by Jess Burns.

Director General inside

Above photo date unknown, by kind permission Chris Mansfield.

Direstor General inside

Above photo date unknown, by kind permission Chris Mansfield.

Director General inside

Above photo date unknown, by kind permission Chris Mansfield.


I am informed that this pub has been demolished.


Morning Post 30 December 1845.


A jury assembled yesterday before Mr. C. J. Carter, coroner, at the "Director-General" public-house, Woolwich, to inquire into the cause of death of Henry Ward, the landlord of the public-house.

It appeared from the evidence that the deceased was in the enjoyment of his usual health during the day, and attended to supply the many customers who called during the present festive season. On the evening of Friday, the day on which he died, his family had made arrangements to receive a party of their friends, and several of them had arrived, when the landlord was taken suddenly ill, and the house of happiness and pleasant mirth was, before eight o'clock in the evening, turned into a house of mourning by the death of the landlord.

The Jury returned a verdict, "Died by the visitation of God."


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 22 January 1853.


Jan.10, Mr. James Ward, of the "Director General Inn," Woolwich, aged 41.


Aldershot Military Gazette 03 September 1859.


On Monday, a clever capture of four out of five military prisoners, who had broken out of the artillery prison, Woolwich, was made by the police at Greenwich. It appears that the whole of the men had been tried by court-martial for various offences and were awaiting sentence. During the night they succeeded in cutting away the woodwork surrounding the lock of the door of the cell, and having gained access to the passage, they there broke into the private quarters of an officer, at present on foreign service, and stole a quantity of plated articles and jewellery. Although a sentry was on duty, they contrived to get away unperceived, and all being in plain clothes no description could be given of them. About five o'clock on Tuesday morning, Police-constable Looker, 295 R, was on duty in the Lower-road, Deptford, and stopped a young man, who gave his name Stephen Bennett, belonging to Bristol, and on his road to London. The constable, not being satisfied with his appearance, at once proceeded to search him, and having found two gold brooches and several silver spoons, together with other articles in his possession, he was taken into custody and locked up. A short time afterwards three other men were stopped on Blackheath by Police-constable Watts, 70, and Edwards, 220, R, two of whom gave their names William Atkins and Thomas Williams, were secured, but the third, who is at present at large, succeeded in making good his escape by swimming across the Ravensbourne at Lewisham. In the possession of these two men other plated articles were found, and a struggle at once took place between them and the constables, but they were eventually overpowered and locked up. About half an hour afterwards information was received that another of the escaped prisoners had been apprehended by police - sergeant McPherson, 50 R. He gave his name George Waters, and at the time of his capture three bottles of whisky were found in his possession, which have since been ascertained to belong to Mr. Turner, landlord of the "Director-General." Wellington-street, Woolwich, whose premises had been entered during the night by the cellar flap being forcibly removed. The prisoners will be amenable to martial law for breaking out of prison, but Waters will be handed over to the civil power for the burglary at Mr. Turner's.


Kentish Independent 18 March 1865.


A letter was read from Mr. Turner, of "Director General," Woolwich, applying for the privilege of supplying the wine and spirits required by the outdoor poor in the parish for the next twelve months.

Mr. Whale said that Mr. Turner was a respectable man, but that Mr. Blest of the "Bull," "who was an older inhabitant" had not yet had any of the Board's patronage. He moved that Mr. Turner and Mr. Blest have the contract for alternate quarters.

Mr. Cowen (Vice Chairman) said the proposition was reasonable, and as he had had a good deal to do with the "Bull" lately (laughter) he would second it.




WARD Henry to Dec/1845

WARD Jane 1851-Sept/52 (widow age 65 in 1851Census)

WARD James to Jan/1853

WARD William Sept/1855+

TURNER Richard jun 1859-82+ (age 57 in 1881Census)

MARTIN Harry 1891+ (age 35 in 1891Census)

CHURCH George Henry 1896+

CHURCH Augusta 1901+ (widow age 44 in 1901Census)

HARPER Augusta Mrs 1905-08+

MINTER Emma Jane Mrs 1911-21+

FREEMAN Frederick Alfred 1934+

JAMIESON Leslie J 1938-44+




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