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Earliest 1963

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Chaser Inn

Open 2020+

Stumble Hill


01732 810360

Chaser Inn 2006

Above photo 2006 by Derek Harper Creative Commons Licence.

Chaser Inn inside 2015

Above photo 2015 showing the inside of the pub.

Chaser Inn sign 1991Chaser Inn sign 2009

Above sign left 1991, sign right, 2009.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Chaser Inn 2017

Above sign 2017.

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Previously known as the "Shipbourne Inn" the pub changed name in 1963.


From the By Lauren MacDougall, 6 November 2019.

Kent’s cosiest pubs with gorgeous log fires that will shield you from the cold.

These stunning pubs come with crackling fires, beautiful interiors and tasty food.

Is there anything better than curling up next a toasty log fire, pint in hand?

With the winter months drawing in and November predicted to be one of the coldest ever, knowing your local cosy pub with a gorgeous log fire is more important than ever.

Whether you're looking for a tipple after a brisk walk or just after a warm afternoon out, there's plenty of choice.

These stunning pubs come with crackling fires, beautiful interiors and tasty food.

Some of them even have more than one wood burner, so you won't be fighting for the coveted space in front of the flickering flames.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out our list below.

The Chaser Inn.

Chaser inside 2019

The Chaser Inn Tonbridge

Where : Stumble Hill, Shipbourne, Tonbridge TN11 9PE.

What : The Chaser Inn is one of Kent's most striking pubs.

The beautiful pub has a colonial style which is picturesque on the outside and perfectly cosy on the inside.

Venturing into the pub on a cold winter's day is a perfect treat - it's warm and inviting, due to the fantastic open fires, bookcases lining the walls, and, of course, a large helping of country charm.


From the By Brittany Tijou-Smith, 2 August 2020.

Shipbourne: What life is like in Kent's most expensive village.

The average property in Shipbourne is over 800,000.

In the rolling hills of the Kent Downs lies the quiet village of Shipbourne.

This unsuspecting little place is home to 470, according to the 2011 consensus, and is one of the county's most exclusive locations to live.

With just a 15-minute drive to Tonbridge, the change of scene is refreshing with the roadworks and noise being replaced with long-grassed fields and chirping birds.

So, it is no surprise that the average home in this area can sell on the market for an average of 846, 098, according to Savills' analysis of Land Registry data - the highest of any village in Kent.

We went to speak with Shipbourne locals to shed light on what life is really like in Kent's most expensive village.

Duke Chidguy 2020

Duke Chidgey is the landlord at The Chaser Inn and he believes the area provides a great atmosphere for locals to get to know each other.

The landlord of The Chaser Inn, Duke Chidgey, has worked and lived in the village for the last three-and-a-half years.

The 31-year-old described the Shipbourne as "a nice place with nice people" but didn't view the area as exclusive.

He said: "It's lovely, I've been offered other jobs within this group at other pubs but I have landed on my feet here.

"It's not a cheap place to live and I got a good deal.

"We have people come here for special occasions, we do have a local community and we really tapped into that when we done the takeaway coffees during lockdown so I got to know a lot of my neighbours more than I did beforehand but yeah it's a lovely place.

"I didn't realise it was the most expensive village in Kent - but yeah it's lovely, it's a pleasure being here."

In his role, Duke has been able to get to know locals from the surrounding areas and said it was a place that people would buy a house and settle down in.

"You never see [any houses] for sale to be honest. There's a group of older chaps that come in here, you know for the lockdown coffees and they were having a drink outside - well into their 70s and 80s and they've lived in Shipbourne all their lives.

"One was talking about when he lived the other side of the green and now he lives up the road.

"I guess that tells the story, doesn't it.

"It's going to take me a while to buy one of my own but yeah it's amazing.

"It works in my favour because we get very nice customers and obviously cyclists and walkers - it's beautiful. We've got Ightham Mote just down the road, you've got it all around you."

He said that during lockdown locals had made the most of the opposite the pub but the sleepy village life is relaxing and comfortable.

"The busiest time we were was when the restrictions got eased up, I never in all my time here on the busiest Mother's Day, Christmases, I've never seen the green as busy I think people took that as an untapped area and then everyone jumped on it.

"We also have the Farmers Market every Thursday in one pub and that's it so we do very well out of it.

Allan Chapman has lived in Shipbourne for 18 years and says it is calm but the lack of transport can pose an issue for some people.

"I've only ever lived in one other place but this is a more relaxed place to live - there's simply a lot more space and it's a lot quieter and in the village, you get to know everybody.

"The pub is not particularly a hub for the village because its a very popular restaurant and so it's busy all the time with people, presumably from Tonbridge and all around so it's very, very busy but it's not necessarily people from the village that are in there."



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