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Earliest 1858


Closed 1930

Church Walk

Lower Halstow

Brittania 2011

Above photo, February 2011, by Stephen Harris.

Britannia 2019

Above photo, 2019, kindly sent by Jamie Goatman.

Britannia 1930s sign

The renovations of 2019 have brought to light this 1930s sign, kindly sent by Jamie Goatman.

Britannia Plaque 2020

Above plaque now (2020) found inserted on the wall of the now renovated building. Kindly sent by Jamie Goatman.


Just to confuse matters I believe I have also found another pub called the "Britannia" addressed in High Halstow, which is about 12 miles away from Lower Halstow.


As the information is found or sent to me, including photographs, it will be shown here.

Local knowledge required please Thanks for your co-operation. All email replied.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday 8 March 1930.

The Britannia, Halstow.

Mr. Rutley Mowll, solicitor, of Dover, formally applied on behalf of Messrs. George Beer and Rigden, brewers, for the renewal of the licence of "Britannia" beer-house, Lower Halstow, which the Justices had intimated it was their intention to refer to the Compensation Authority on the ground of redundancy.

Superintendent Hoare said that in January last he accompanied a Committee of Justices who visited the "Britannia" and other adjoining places. He served notice on the licence of the "Britannia," by direction of the renewal authority, that the licence would be opposed on the ground that a beer-house where these premises were situated we're not required, and that having regard to the necessities of the neighbourhood the licence was not necessary. The population of Halstow last census was 584, and there were one fully licensed house and two beer-houses in the parish, which gave a ratio of 194 person's to each licence house, compared with 375 for the whole of the Sittingbourne Petty Sessional Division. The rateable value of the "Britannia" was 26, and there had been two transfers during the last 30 years, the last in December last. The "Sun in the Wood" was in a distant part of the parish, but the "Britannia" and "Three Tuns" were directly opposite each other, the nearest point between the houses being 70 yards. The "Three Tuns" was the fully licensed house and had recently ascertained that there were 110 dwelling houses in the parish, 54 of which were near the "Sun in the Wood" and the remainder equidistant from the "Three Tuns" and the "Britannia." There had been very little building in the parish since the last census. The premises were kept in a clean state, and there was nothing against the tenant. He had come to the conclusion that there was a necessity for only one house, and after inspecting the two houses he was definitely of opinion that the "Three Tuns" should be continued, and the "Britannia" referred. The "Three Tuns" had better premises, and of course was fully licensed. The "Three Tuns" was also the terminus of a bus service. There was an old established Club in the parish with a membership of 112, about half a mile away. The customers of the "Britannia" were brickfield and agricultural workers.

In answer to the Chairman, witness said the buses ran to the "Three Tuns" and turned their.

Mr. Mowll:- The licence of the "Three Tuns" had already been renewed.

Witness:- Yes.

Did you see the the rugs the licence of the "Britannia" has made himself?

Yes:- I think they were shown. I don't know whether it is a qualification for a licensee to be a rug maker. (Laughter.)

Mr. Mowll:- Only it shows he was anxious for the comfort of his customers.

Witness:- I think he was provided with the rugs before he came there. He would have plenty of spare time when he was in the Navy to make them.

Edward William Foster, licensee of the "Britannia" said he had held the licence since the 18th of November last. A Halfpenny club with a membership of 244, and a brickfield club with 100 members, met at his house. He was making a living out of the trade of the house. Witness gave the figures of the daily attendance at his house since Friday, 22nd February, and in answer to the magistrates' Clerk he said the trade had gone up a little each week since he took over the license.

William Joseph Jennings, Chairman and Managing Director of Messrs. George Beer and Rigden, said that since the figures had been supplied to the Magistrates the trade at the "Britannia" roughly land between two and a half barrels a week and previously the trade had been upwards of 200 a year. Unfortunately with the previous tenant the figures dropped, but a good tenants did a good business, and made a living in the house. That's, he thought, was proved by the new changes in the house. The premises were excellently adapted for the business and they were much appreciated. The Club room was used very largely. It was the only large room in the district.

The Chairman:- That won't do. There is a club in the district.

Witness:- About half a mile away.

The Magistrates Clerk:- The figures have gone up considerably.

Witness:- Yes, they have.

The licensee recalled, in answer to Mr. Mowll, said a petition for the retention of the licence had been signed by 168 customers.

Mr. Mowll, addressing the Bench, said that if the figures given them confidentially were correct it was quite obvious there was a living trade to be done at this house. It was cheek by jowl with the brickfield, and admirably adapted for catering for the workers there and the bargeman close by. The house was kept scrupulously clean, the tenant was absolutely tip top, and there was a living trade, and an increasing trade. He asked them to renew the licence.

After the Magistrates had retired to consider the matter, the Chairman said the Visiting Committee spent a good deal of time inspecting the houses in the Halstow district, and the Bench thought they would be right in referring the "Britannia." It would, therefore, be referred to the Compensation Authority.

Mr. Mowll:- The licence will be provisionally renewed?

The Chairman:- Yes.



HORN Thomas 1858+

HART Michael 1861-62+ (age 35 in 1861Census)

THOMAS John 1867-71+ (age 33 in 1871Census)

THOMAS Elizabeth Mrs 1874+

CASTLE Newberry Jesse 1878-91+ Next pub licensee had (age 38 in 1881Census)

SOUTH Henry 1899-1901+ (also Carpenter age 37 in 1901Census)

HORSFORD John 1903-13+




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