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Earliest 1975


Open 2023+

The Row

New Ash Green

01474 873921

Badger 2014

Above photo 2014.

Badger 2016

Above photo 2016.

Badger 2016

Above photo, 2016.

Badger sign 1986Badger sign 1992

Above sign left, May 1986, sign right, September 1992.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


I believe the pub was built in 1975 and was part of the Brakspear's chain in 2017.


From the By PubSpy, 5th December 2014.

PubSpy: Is the Badger in New Ash Green really 'a complete dive' and 'the perfect place to get a black eye'?

Never has a pub looked so uninviting.

If anyone accidentally walked past The Badger there is no way on earth they would think to themselves: “Ah great, a pub I’ll just pop in for a drink”.

Just so we’re clear, this New Ash Green watering hole must be the darkest, most unpleasant looking pub you will ever find.

Pop its name into Google and you’ll find some interesting insights – at best it is described as “a complete dive”, at worst it is “full of scum, coke heads, plastic gangsters, wannabe travellers, females that are slags feeding rats of children and the perfect place to get a black eye among the squaller” (sic).

So, how did I find it? I actually enjoyed my Friday evening visit.

I liked the leather and wood look and whilst the music was loud, you could still hear yourself speak – fairly retro tunes, The Animals, Rolling Stones, Faces, but I liked it.

The majority of locals sat round the bar, but it was easy enough to reach through and get served. The two bearded guys in jumpers were lost in conversation.

There were a number of builders who’d called in on their way home, or at least I assume they had, unless the dresscode in New Ash Green really is off the scale.

There are two dart boards and a pool table which all look as if they get a healthy amount of use.

I enjoyed my visit to the Badger. And in case you forget where you are, they’ve even got one in a glass box to remind you.

Decor: *** Zero stars from the outside, but okay once you venture in.

Atmosphere: **** Buzzing.

Drink: *** Not a great choice of ale, but the basics are present.

Price: **** Not bad at all, 7.50 for a pint of Kronenbourg and a large glass of white.

Staff: **** Welcoming.


From the By Secret Drinker, 6 April 2020.

Secret Drinker looks back at his 10 worst pubs across Kent.

It’s almost a year since I landed the best job in the world and I’ve been travelling around Kent ever since discovering the very best, and worst, pubs right around the county.

Fortunately the majority of boozers I’ve been lucky enough to visit have been great, but some, sadly, have been found wanting.

I can only ever report exactly what I find at a given moment in time and I realise a fly-on-the-wall review can’t possibly take into account everything going on in a pub. - and many of these pubs may well have improved since my visit.

But, I was tasked with discovering the good, the bad and the ugly – and, in my humble opinion on the day, these are the 10 worst boozers I’ve visited...

10. For No. 10 I went all urban dictionary – “It’s as rough as a badger’s ****”. At the centre of New Ash Green’s concrete jungle you’ll find one of the most uninviting pubs anywhere – welcome to The Badger. Dodging the red mountain bike in the porch I quickly realised it’s a bit of a Tardis, although everywhere except the front bar was deserted. The locals will totally ignore you but the barman, looking like a cross between one of The Proclaimers and a young Sean Lock, was the only saving grace and is the only thing which avoids this one being placed higher up the list.


I have been asked whether this was previously called the "Ashes" before it became the "Badger." To date, I have no information about that at all, and very little on this one. Local knowledge appreciated.



TILLET Hollie 2016+


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