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17 Aug 2014

Wrong Turn

Closed 12 June 2022

Birchfield, Pie Factory Road. CT15 7JG

Situated opposite enviro graf fire protection factory.


07522 554118

Ginny Timm, (third left) opens her own micro pub in Pie Factory Road, Barfreston this weekend. Pictured with daughters Emily and Victoria and son-in-law Jamie Kemp.

Wrong Turn sign 2014

Above sign August 29014, kindly taken by Barry O'Brien.


The 'landmark' is a company called Intunescent Systems which is in a hidden small complex opposite, but the pub itself is literally in a garden shed in someone's garden, we left about 8.30 and they'd had over 100 visitors by then, all very convivial with 79th Highlanders Napoleonic Troop from Chatham firing rifles and parading colours to honour the occasion.

By Barry O'Brien.


From an email received 2 September 2014.

My name is Ginny and I have opened the micro pub in Barfrestone, "THE WRONG TURN."

I wanted to thank you for the advertisement on your site, but would like you to change some of the info please.

Although some people have been intrigued to find out what we have done here equally some people have not come as they read it was a pub in a shed at the bottom of a garden.

It is indeed a wooden structure which was an art studio and has been extensively renovated, it has never been a shed.

It is a detached building away from the main house and the site is a 1/3 acre.

Kind Regards.




The Wrong Turn, Micro Pub, Birchfield, Pie Factory Road, Barfrestone, Kent CT15 7JG

Notice of application for the grant of premises Licence

Notice is hereby given that Mr David Thornelow and Miss Virginia Timm has applied to Dover District Council for the grant of a premises Licence for:

1) Enable the sale of alcohol between 11:00 to 23:00 MON to SUN

2) To enable Regulated Entertainment to be provided within the premises, as specified in the application,

A register of licensing applications can be inspected at or at the council offices, White Cliffs Business Park, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3PL tel. 01304 872295, by appointment with the Licensing Team between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Any person wishing to submit relevant representations to this application must give notice in writing to the address shown above, giving in detail the grounds of objection by: 25th June 2014 Dated: 29th May 2014

The council will not entertain representations where the writer requests that his identity remains anonymous.

Copies of all representations will be included in the papers presented to the Licensing Panel and will therefore pass into the public domain.

Representations must relate to one or more of the four Licensing Objectives: the prevention of Crime and Disorder, Public Safety, the Prevention of public Nuisance and the Protection of Children from harm.

It is an offence liable on conviction to a fine up to Level 5 on the standard scale under Section 158 of the Licensing Act 2003 to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement in connection with this application.


From 16 August 2014 by Beth Robson.

Micro pub will serve local and national ales, ciders and wines at Pie Factory Road, Barfreston.

A new micro pub will be serving up a host of locally brewed beers, ciders and great wines when it opens its doors this weekend.

What will be called the "Wrong Turn" got its name because people making their way to what was the old wooden art studio in Barfrestone would often get lost.

The venture is being set up by Ginny Timm, who will be helped by daughters Victoria and Emily and Emily's fiance, Jamie Kemp.

Mrs Timm said: “We're not applying to hold any events and there will be no live music license, unless there is a special event – and then we would apply.

“It will be like a pub used to be, where people play cards and board games rather than a juke box and fruit machines".

“People can come and jam with their penny whistles, that sort of thing.

The Wrong Turn won't just serve locally-brewed beers – there will be many from across the country.

The emphasis is on good ale, she said.

“There will be no pumps, all kegs, cider and good wine.”

The building has seen a complete renovation.

“This has been made possible thanks to help from local tradesmen and neighbours, especially Derek Wall, from Envirograf, who helped with getting the building and land ready.”

You can find the "Wrong Turn" opposite Envirograf House, Pie Factory Road, Barfrestone CT157JG.


Wrong Turn roof repairs 2022

Above photo by Chris Cooter showing roof repairs whilst premises closed for 2 weeks in March 2022.

Posted on Facebook 28 May at 11:28

The Wrong Turn.

The Wrong Turn .. Good day to all out regulars and customers that have frequented the Wrong Turn over the last 8 years.

It was my intention to speak to our customers personally to explain the situation we find ourselves in. Unfortunately due to family circumstances I am unable to be at the Wrong Turn until 5th June. I therefore thought it prudent to advertise the news in advance. My family and I started the business 8 years ago and have built the business up successfully, until covid hit the country. We soldiered on through covid, in the hope, it would once more resemble our past trading and become more viable. Unfortunately this has not happened and the business is no longer viable, I have no choice but to close the pub.

Since the main house has sold we find ourselves with considerable less car parking spaces and although we have been grateful for the temporary use of next doors car-park this was never a permanent arrangement. I hope the understanding of this situation will be reasonably accepted by our customers and people within the village, who in turn will chose to remember all the good times we have enjoyed over the years and realise change is sometimes unavoidable to be able to move on.

We have raised 500 from proceeds of the raffles which 100 was given the the RSPCC. We would welcome all our regulars, long standing customers, in fact any customers lol, to attend on the last day of trading ,Sunday 12th June to say a big farewell to Lynn, at 4 pm we will be handing over a cheque fir the remaining 400 to a pilgrims hospice representative. At this point a complimentary drink and nibbles will be offered to all our customers. Music will be performed throughout the day, a jamming session will take place later in the day, by our locals!, all welcome to join in.. Yes even u Arthur.. I will be offering complimentary snacks later in the day.. My essay is now complete and with sadness I sign off. Best wishes to everyone..

Ginny and all at the Wrong Turn.



TIMM V Ginny & THORNLOW D Mr 16/Aug/2014-18+


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