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Earliest 1743

Old Nag's Head

???? (Name to)

37 High Street


Dover Coach at Nag's Head painting

Above painting by George William Novice circa 1864 titled "The Dover Coach Arriving At The Nag's head, Welling."

Old Nag's head 1870

Above photo circa 1870.

Nag's head bowling green 1871

Above photo, circa 1871 showing the bowling green which doubled as a ballroom dancing area.

Nag's Head

Above photo, circa 1900. The original building was rebuilt in the 1930s.

Nag's Head 1920

Above photo circa 1920. All buildings on the right have been demolished.

Old Nag's Head 1960s

Above photo, circa 1960s.

Nag's Head 2006

Above photo 2006 by Dave Patten Creative Commons Licence.

Apparently the name has dropped the "Old."

Nag's Head 2007

Above photo 2007, by Steve Thoroughgood.

Old Nag's Head sign 1992

Above sign, August 1992.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


Originally a post house for the parish dating back to 1837 and serving coaches from London to Dover through Rochester.

The present building was rebuilt in the 1930, but before that, it had a long and fascinating past – the first record of it is in 1743, when its landlord (Mr Thomas Richards) traded under the name of the "Nags Head and Punch Bowl."

In 1891 it was put up for auction:- “Containing a Modern Liquor Shop and private bar, plate glass front, large commercial room, tap room, and a capital bar parlour.”

“The extensive grounds include a large weather-boarded dining saloon, two boarded summer-houses, a bowling green and a skittle ground…also a large kitchen garden, pigeon house, range of piggeries, and a duck pond.”

It was purchased by a Mrs Talfourd Hughes for the princely sum of 1,120.


Bucks Gazette 24 September 1836.

On Monday an inquest was held at the "Nag's Head," Welling, on the body of Sarah Taylor, aged 48, who had come by her death in a squabble with her husband and others at a public-house called the "Fox and Hounds" at Bexley.

It appeared that the deceased and her husband had gone into the tap-room of the public-house in a state of intoxication. They had not been there long before a quarrel ensued between them, and Taylor struck deceased a heavy blow on the head, which knocked her down. He then said "D--n you, lay there and die," and afterwards kicked her. Great confusion followed, in the course of which the tables were overturned, and the candles put out. Deceased got up and walked to the passage, and then fell again. The above was the evidence of the ostler, but another witness said he was joking with deceased, that she came and sat upon his knee, that he moved his knee and she fell down upon the ground, she was tipsy at the time. He added, he did not see Taylor kick his wife. The Jury returned a verdict "that the deceased died from violence, but by whom the injuries were inflicted there was not sufficient evidence to determine."


Bexley Heath and Erith Observer, Saturday 5 July, 1879.


The "Nag's Head" has been transferred from Mr. J. B. Haines to Mr. J. H. Weedon.



RICHARDS Thomas 1743+

PACKWOOD Samuel 1826-40+ (Pigot's Directory 1832-34 Old Nag's Head)

SAUNDERS John Evelyn 1855-58+

NEVILL James 1862+

HARMAN J 1868-71 dec'd

HAINES J B Mr to July/1879

WEEDON J H Mr July/1879+

CURREY/CURRIE Mary A to Feb/1891 dec'd (widow age 45 in 1891Census)

LIVETT William Henry July/1894-1903+ (age 55 in 1901Census) Bromley and District TimesKelly's 1903

BLACKBURN Charles Walter 1913+

SYKES Joseph 1918+

MITCHELL Henry Joseph 1930+

SCANES Thomas B 1938+


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