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Earliest 1826

Lord Bexley Arms

Closed May 1979

77 Broadway

Bexley Heath

Lord Bexley Arms 1873

Above photo, circa 1873 showing the original pub before being rebuilt.

Lord Bexley Arms

Above photo is a clearer on from the above.

Lord bexley Arms 1890

Above photo, 1890.

Bexley Arms 1910

Above photo showing the new building, 1910.

Bexley Arms 1950

Above photo, October 1950, from the Bexley Archives.

Bexley Arms inside 1954

Above photo, November 1954, from the Bexley Archives.

Lord Bexley bar 1954

Above photo, November 1954, from the Bexley Archives.

Lord Bexley 1970s

Above photo, 1970s, from the Bexley Archives.


Named after Nicholas Vansittart, the first Lord Bexley who died in 1851, but built in 1826. I do not yet know what the original name of the pub would have been.

The building was rebuilt some time after 1873 but this too was demolished along with the whole row of buildings, including the Jenkin's Library, a book shop and printing works in 1979 to make way for the Broadway shopping development.

The Royal Mail used to run from this pub to Woolwich.

The premises sadly shut in May 1979 and I am informed that their sign went on display at the other Trumans pub, called the "Lord Hill."


From the Maidstone and Kentish Journal, 27 January, 1891.

A protection order was granted to George Field, to carry on business at the Lord Bexley Arms, Bexleyheath, till the next transfer day, in succession to his late mother, to whom he is executor.



ASHDOWN George 1832-40+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

ANDREWS John 1841+ (age 50 in 1841Census)

DAVIDS Edmond 1851+ (age 42 in 1851Census)

Last pub licensee had STARLING John 1861+ (widower age 43 in 1861Census) Next pub licensee had

ALEXANDER John 1871+ (age 67 in 1871Census)

WASS Joseph 1874+

FIELD Alfred 1881-82+ (age 65 in 1881Census)

FIELD Mrs (widow) to Jan/1891 dec'd Maidstone and Kentish Journal

FIELD George Jan/1891+ (age 34 in 1891Census) Maidstone and Kentish Journal

BLAKE Francis 1901-03+ (age 58 in 1901 Census) Kelly's 1903

EATES Frank 1913-30+

MAJOR Georgenia Mrs 1938+


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Maidstone and Kentish JournalMaidstone and Kentish Journal



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