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Earliest 1746-

Golden Lion

Open 2020+

116 Sydenham Road


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Golden Lion 2011

Above photo, July 2011. Taken by Stephen Harris.

Above photo, 1 October 2019, kindly taken and sent by Sean James Cameron. Youtube video:-


Sydenham was located in Kent until 1889 when the County of London was formed and in 1965 it became part of the current London Borough. It is now a suburban district of South London in the London Boroughs of Lewisham, Bromley and Southwark.

Refurbished in July 2015.

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From the Burial Register.

24th May 1746.

John Robinson from the "Golden Lion" Syd(enham.)



Baptised 30 Jun 1816 Sarah, daughter of Daniel & Sarah Ross, Innkeeper at the "Golden Lion," Sydenham.

From accessed 10 July 2020.

Daniel John Morgan (3 November 1949 – 10 March 1987) was a private investigator who was murdered in Sydenham, south east London, in 1987. He was said to have been close to exposing police corruption, or involved with Maltese drug dealers.

Morgan's death has been the subject of several failed police inquiries, and in 2011 it was at the centre of allegations concerning the suspect conduct of journalists with the British tabloid News of the World.

This unsolved murder has been described by Jennette Arnold, as a reminder of the culture of corruption and unaccountability within the Metropolitan Police Service, London's main police force.



On 10 March 1987, after having a drink with Jonathan Rees (his partner in Southern Investigations) at the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, Morgan was found dead in the pub car park next to his car, with an axe wound to the back of his head. Although a watch had been stolen, his wallet had been left and a large sum of money was still in his jacket pocket. The pocket of his trousers had been torn open and notes he had earlier been seen writing were missing. Subsequently, a match to the DNA sample found on Morgan's trouser pocket was apparently made. Morgan was alleged to have been investigating drug-related police corruption in south London before his death.

Detective Sergeant Sid Fillery, stationed at Catford police station, was assigned to the case, but did not reveal to superiors that he had been working unofficially for Southern Investigations. In April 1987, six individuals, including Sid Fillery and Jonathan Rees, the brothers Glenn and Garry Vian, and two Metropolitan police officers, were arrested on suspicion of murder; however, all were eventually released without charge.

At the inquest into Morgan's death in April 1988, it was alleged that Jonathan Rees, who had experienced disagreements with Morgan, told Kevin Lennon (an accountant at Southern Investigations) that police officers at Catford police station who were friends of his were either going to murder Morgan or would arrange it, and that Sid Fillery would replace Morgan as Rees's partner. When asked, Rees denied murdering Daniel Morgan. Sid Fillery, who had retired from the Metropolitan Police on medical grounds and joined Southern Investigations as Rees's business partner, was alleged by witnesses to have tampered with evidence and attempted to interfere with witnesses during the inquiry.

In the summer of 1987 detective constable Alan "Taffy" Holmes who was an acquaintance of Daniel Morgan was found to have committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. Daniel Morgan and Alan Holmes allegedly collaborated on unveiling police corruption.



ROBINSON John to May/1746 dec'd

TAINTON John 1786+

WALLER Henry 1792+

ROSS Daniel 1816-32+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

ROSS Sarah 1841+ (age 60 in 1841Census)

TREHEARN James 1858+ (also farmer)

TREHEARN Susannah Mrs 1862-Mar/63

SMITH William Mar/1863-66+

FIELD Alfred 1874+

MASON Frank Thomas 1882+

HOWARD Arthur B 1896+

SMITH Annie Priscilla 1901+

PEARCE Thomas Hill 1903-19+ Kelly's 1903

RIST Arthur 1944+


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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