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Earliest 1832-

Duke's Head

Closed 1993-

32 Market Square / 133 High Street (Middle Row 1861Census)


Duke's Head 1900

Above postcard, circa 1900, kindly sent by Brinley Hawkins.

Duke's Head

Above photo, date unknown also showing the "Forester" and just seen the "Duke's Head" two doors to the left.

Duke's Head

Above photo same shot as above.

Duke's Head

Above postcard, date unknown, also showing the "Forester" and "Rose and Crown."

Duke's Head

Above photo, date unknown, showing the "Duke's Head," centre and the "Rose and Crown" to the left.

Duke's Head

Above photo, date unknown.

Above photo, date unknown by Darkstar.

Duke's Head 2017

Above photo 2017.


At present the only reference to this pub has been from Pigot's directory, which unfortunately didn't give an address other than Bromley. It was situated a few doors from the "Forester." Further research says it was at 32 Market Square. (Later 36)

In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


South Eastern Gazette 04 August 1835.


Lately, at Bromley, Mr. Matthias Cordery, of the "Duke's Head," aged 77 years, much respected.


From the Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 2 December 1862.

Bromley. Distress in Lancashire.

A preliminary meeting was held at the "Duke's Head Inn," Bromley, on Monday evening, to take steps for calling a public meeting, and to appoint a committee to raise subscriptions in aid of the distressed operatives in the manufacturing districts. The attendance was very small, and it was resolved to adjourn the meeting for a week.


The pub closed, and was turned into a Northern Rock outlet in 1993, and now (2019) Virgin Money.



CORDERY Matthias 1832-Aug/35 dec'd Pigot's Directory 1832-34

CORDERY Sarah Aug/1835-40+

GILES William 1856-58+

WREN Henry E 1861-70+ (age 31 in 1861Census)

FLUX Robert & Robert (son) 1881+ (ages 60 & 30 in 1881Census)

THOMAS Frederick William 1896+

THOMAS Thomas Percy 1903-22+ (age 37 in 1911Census) Kelly's 1903

PERUGIA Edith Mrs 1930+

TURNESS David 1938+


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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