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Earliest 1854-

Cottage of Content

Demolished 1963

Wells Road

Upper Sydenham

Cottage of Content

Above photo, date unknown.

Cottage of Content demolition 1962

Above photo showing the demolition in progress, circa 1962.


The pub was opened in 1855 and unfortunately demolished in 1963. The location is where Hensford Gardens is situated today (2018).

I have also seen this addressed in Lewisham.

Sydenham was located in Kent until 1889 when the County of London was formed and in 1965 it became part of the current London Borough. It is now a suburban district of South London in the London Boroughs of Lewisham, Bromley and Southwark.

I will be adding information regarding this pub as and when I find or it is sent to me, but at present I'll be concentrating on the areas that are within the Kent boundary today.

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Norwood News, Saturday 12 April 1890.

Bankruptcy of a Sydenham Beerhouse Keeper.

Last Thursday morning a beerhouse keeper, name George Goldsmith, formerly the tenant of the "Cottage of Content," at Sydenham, appeared before Mr. Registrar Fox at the Croydon Bankruptcy Court to undergo his public examination. The Official receiver (Mr. Cecil Mercer) was represented by Mr. Holcomb, solicitor, who explained the debtor. The bankrupt, whose unsecured liabilities amounted to 287 4s. 8d., appeared in person, and no creditors were present. The debtor stated that he began business in 1874 at the "Old Mill," Plumstead, until two years ago, in March, 1888, he became a tenant of the "Cottage of Content," at Sydenham, for the goodwill and fixtures of which he paid 300. He commenced business without capital of his own, and borrow 270 from the Forest Hill Brewery Company to start with, the security given to the company being a mortgage on a house. The place was worth nothing when he took it, and he worked up a trade there which made the house of considerable value. His wife ill, however, while at Croydon, and the house was left in charge of a boy, consequently the trade went down. In November last he contracted to sell the business for 423, but the purchase was never completed, as the Brewery Company took possession of the premises in the following month. Had the purchase been completed the bankruptcy would never have taken place, as he expected to clear off the money owing to the company and other liabilities, including a bill of sale which he had given in May, 1888, for 75, for the purchase-money of the house. He had had an offer to sell the house for 300 six months before the company took possession, but they declined to allow him to complete the transaction on the grounds that the price was too high.

The Registrar:- Very good-natured of the Brewers I must say.

The debtor added that he had offered to go back to the house if the brewers would put in a good load of bitter, but they refused to do so unless he paid for it first. Then then told him that if he were assigned the licence to them, they would give him a present when the transfer was completed, but when the transfer actually took place they refused to give him anything.

The examination was adjourned till the 22nd inst. for the debtor to comply with the usual formalities, and he will then probably pass his public examinations.



BOLTON Richard Jun. Sept/1854+ West Kent Guardian

KING George 1871+ (age 37 in 1871Census)

WHITCHER John 1874+

CARTER Frederick 1882-83+

Last pub licensee had GOLDSMITH George to 1888-90

MAYSTON J to Sept/1906 Kentish Independent

WESTERWAY James Sept/1906-08+ Kentish MercuryKentish Independent

NIGHTINGALE Arthur William 1944+



Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury

Kentish IndependentKentish Independent


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