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Earliest 1861-

(Name from)

(New) Star

Closed July 2009

74 Linton Road



Above photo, pre 2011 by Chris.

Star sign 2000

Above sign, October 2000.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Star location 2011

Above photo showing new flats built on the location in 2011.


Local knowledge, further pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

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According to the Loose History Society, the location was once a beer house called the "Loose House" but by 1865 it had become or rebuilt as the "Star."

The census of 1891 lists both the "New Star" with widow Sarah Humphrey being a beer retailer at that address, then comes a house called Star Cottage and next another pub known as the "Star In," with William Fryer as Pub Licensed Victualler, so I suggest that there were two pubs along that street called the Star in 1891.

The outbuildings around about the 1980s housed a small Battle of Britain museum.


The Courier, 10 March, 1905.


Application was made for the renewal of the licence of the "New Star," Loose.

Mr. C. M. Pitman, barrister, appeared for the tenant, Mr. William Addy, and the police objective.

P.S. Picknall stated that the population of the parish was 1,509, and the area 1,054 acres. There were 11 licensed houses in the parish - viz. 6 ale houses, 3 "on" beer houses and 2 "off" beer houses, and the population per house was 146. Taking a radius of half a mile there were about 80 houses in the district.

Mr. Frost, traveller for Messrs. Style and Wynch, Ltd., brewers, stated that the trade of the "New Star" was just over 4 1/2 barrels a week.

The Magistrates intimated that they had decided to reserve their decision until all the applications had been heard.

The decisions.

After a retirement of nearly three quarters of an hour, the Chairman announced the Magistrates decisions as follows:- The licence of the "New Star," Loose, referred to quarter sessions.


From a local paper, 29 August 1994.

Flames Gut Pub.

Fire ripped through the "Star" pun, Linton Road, Loose, in the early hours of Monday morning.

Fireman in breathing apparatus fought for two hours to bring the blaze under control. The fire gutted both storeys and spread to the roof.

Four fire engines and a turntable ladder were called to the fire which broke out shortly before 4.30 a.m.



I am informed that in 2009 the pub had been driven out of business by good old Enterprise Inns by increasing the rent out of all sustainability, it closed at the end of July that year and was demolished in April 2010 and houses built on the site. Expect Enterprise made a huge profit out of the land, but that appears to be what they do to many a pub they have tired of.



FRYER William Henry 1861-91+ (also wheelwright age 53 in 1881Census)

HUMPHREY Sarah 1891+ (widow age 49 in 1891Census) ("New Star")

HAYWARD John 1903+ Kelly's 1903

BARNDEN Thomas 1913+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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