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Earliest 1710

Six Bells

Open 2020+

26 Old Perry Street


01474 567309

Six Bells 1920

Above photo, 1920, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Six Bells

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

Six Bells

Above postcard a coloured version of the above.

Six Bells 1987

Above photo 1987, by Denis Llewellyn.

Six Bells

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

Six Bells 2010

Above photo 2010.

Six Bells bar 2010

Above bar 2010.

Six Bells 2010

Above photo 2010.

Six Bells 2010

Above photo 2010.


This was a tied "Fleet Brewery" pub in 1865 when the brewery was put up for auction.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Saturday 26 June 1858.


In the plantation ground adjoining the "Six Bells Inn."

The auctioneer particularly invites the attention of Market Gardeners and Fruit Growers to the above sale; the Fruit being most promising and abundant; is situated in a locality easy of access and within a short distance of Gravesend and Northfleet Railway Stations.

May be viewed on application to Mr. Upton, "Six bells Inn," where further particulars may be known; and of the Auctioneers, Dartford.


Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser, Saturday 9 August 1873.

A Boy Drowned in a Well.

On Thursday last an inquest was held at the "Six Bells," Perry Street, before T. Hills, Esq., coroner for the County, on the body of Robert Dalton.

Emily Dalton, wife of Henry Dalton, labourer, Northfleet, said the deceased was her son and was 8 years of age. They lived in Esther place and there was a well in the yard, which was in common to all the neighbours. On Monday she and her husband went to work the child going to school. Deceased came out at about 11:30 to light a fire. Between 12 and 1 o'clock at noon she was fetched home, and on arriving there she saw some people who had just got a child out of a well, who she discovered was the deceased. He was quite dead then. She found the fire lighted and the kettle on the fire, and therefore the deceased had no occasion to go to the well. About a week ago the deceased and another boy drew a bucket of water from the well for which they were chastised, and cautioned not to do it again. The kettle that she found on the fire was filled by deceased's elder brother before he went to work.

John Homewood, wheelwright, Northfleet, said at about 12:30 on Monday, he was in his workshop at work when a little boy came crying, and said his brother was down the well. Witness immediately started off for the place and looked down the well. He could not see the deceased but heard his voice, who said "Pull me up." Witness told him to hold onto the bucket, and witness held the handle tight and sent for help. While help was coming, he felt the deceased leave go the bucket, and he never saw or felt any more of deceased till he was got up by means of a hook. When witness first got to the well there were only three or four small boys there, all the people living near being out at work. He could not say how deceased got down the well.

Dr. John E. Crook, of Northfleet, said he was sent for on Monday at about 1 o'clock, and went to see the deceased directly. He found the deceased in such a state that it was difficult to say whether he was alive or dead. Witness used every means to recover him but without success. There were some very slight bruises about him, and he must have died from suffocation from drowning.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the doctor's evidence.


Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser, Saturday 17 February 1883.

Northfleet. Charges Withdrawn.

At the Petty Sessions held at Rochester on Tuesday last before T. H. Baker, Esq. in the chair), W. S. masters, Esq. and the rev. R. Whiston, George Gould, landlord of the "Six Bells" public house, Northfleet, was summoned by William Whiffin for striking him on the head with a pint pot on the 3rd February, at defendant's house. Mr. Smith, of Rochester, appeared for the complainant and mr. George Clinch, of Gravesend, for the defendant, but the case was withdrawn, as was a cross-summons taken out by Gould against Whiffin for an assault at the same time and place.

William Whiffin and Charles Whitehill were also summoned by George Gould fro refusing to quit licensed premises, but this charge was also withdrawn.


Chatham News, Friday 21 April 1939.

Alterations to licensed premises.

The Chatham Bench, on Monday, approved of alterations to the "Six Bells," Northfleet.


Local knowledge, further pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

All emails are answered.


From the

The most brutal TripAdvisor comebacks from Kent pub and restaurant managers.

Customers leave some harsh reviews but owners have hit back at their comments and in some cases the responses are ruthless.

TripAdvisor is the first port of call for many of us when deciding where to eat.

Finding out how well rated a restaurant or pub is and what sort of reviews it has can help make up your mind.

Some unhappy customers leave extremely harsh responses - so it's understandable that owners are keen to respond to the criticism and put the record straight.

Many owners take a considered approach, copy and pasting a standard reply, apologising if the service was below par and inviting them to send a proper email across.

Others aren't quite so measured and prefer to fire back from the hip.

Take a look below at some of the stronger responses from Kent venues.

One disgruntled customer slapped the pub with a one star rating after enduring a "total disaster from start to finish."

The general manager was disappointed to hear about the bad experience but set about straightening up the facts.

Watch out for the zinger in the closing line.

Reviewed 9 July 2019. Meopham u3a

Total disaster from start to finish, prebooked for 20+ people, preordered, Nothing prepared for us, no sensible seating arrangement, moved the group 3 times then 2 of our members had to eat alone in another bar, nobody gave a damm, food was poor, waited 40 mins for prepaid coffee - left without it tired of waiting, manager wouldn't speak to us before we left therefore unable to complain in person as he was - RESTING !!!!!


SixBellsN, General Manager at The Six Bells, responded to this review.

Responded 26 August 2019.

I'm sorry to hear that your experience at The Six Bells was unsatisfactory but I would like to correct you on a few of the issues stated here. The issue seems to have arisen from a miscommunication between one member of your party and the rest of the group. There was in fact an area set out for you as requested however one member of the party stated she didn't want to sit in that area (the only area big enough to accommodate a big group) so we tried our best to set up a new area last minute. I like to think I can think on the fly however moving brick and mortar are beyond my capabilities.

We also had all pre ordered food prepared for you as promised however we're advised that there would be late comers, again by the same member of your group. We therefore held your orders, all precooked and ready to go for you even though it severely disrupted the service of other paying customers, so that you could all eat together. After waiting I was informed that the group wished to eat without the others and your group never wanted to wait.

After all this had happened we had a backlog of customers and it was unfair to make wait any longer. It was for this reason you may have had to wait to speak to management and the very idea that anyone would use the excuse that the manager was "resting" is almost laughable. I can categorically deny that any member of staff would have told you that.

Members of your group use this venue regularly and would concur there has never been any issue before. I would recommend that for a more pleasurable experience U3A need to look at changing their membership rather then their venues.



UPTON George 1851-58 (age 44 in 1851Census)

UPTON Christiana 1861-72+ (widow age 47 in 1861Census)

MILLER Henry & ALLWORTH Charles Owners 1872

UPTON George 1874+

GOULD George 1881-83+ (age 32 in 1881Census)

HANSFORD Richard 1891+ (age 38 in 1891Census)

WILKINS Ernest George 1891-03+ (age 27 in 1891Census) Kelly's 1903

SMITH Godfrey William 1901-13+ (age 42 in 1901Census)

RAYNER Albert 1938+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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