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Earliest 1700s

Six Bells

Latest 1971+

8 Chislet Village


Six Bells 1910

Above photo, 1910, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Six Bells 1984

Above photo, 1994, kindly submitted by Ray Hopkins.

Six Bells 2015

Above photo kindly supplied by Peter Checksfield, December 2015.

Six Bells sign 1986Six Bells sign 2015

Above sign left, May 1986, sign right, 2015.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


The original "Bell" closed in 1736 when it was converted into the poorhouse. This may well have been its replacement, and perhaps if the nearby church of St. Mary the Virgin had six bells in its belfry (local knowledge required) perhaps it gained its name from that.


Kentish Gazette, 8 January 1850.


A good dinner of old English fair was given to the singers, ringers, and Sunday school children in the parish on Christmas day, at the "Six Bells Inn." The singers and a select party of their friends amused the company by the display of their vocal powers, the tenors especially gaining great applause. The party broke up at a reasonable hour, much delighted with proceedings of the day.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 16 August 1879.


John Cooper, an old offender, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly and refusing to quit the "Six Bells" public house at Chislett when requested to do so by William Port, the landlord.

The defendant, who did not appear, went to Port's house at about ten o'clock on the night of the 2nd inst, and created a great disturbance, shouting, swearing and refusing to go away although requested to do so several times.

The Bench fined him 20s. and 12s. costs or in default 14 days.


Thanet Advertiser, Friday 19 June 1931.

65 mph chase. Unemployed Chauffeur Fined.

At Ramsgate County Police Court on Tuesday a mobile police officer stated that he chased the car for just over a mile and a half and his motorcycle attained 65 miles per hour before he overtook it.

The evidence related to a case in which Edward Lines, a chauffeur, of Peak Hill, Sydenham, London SE26. was summoned for driving a car in a Dangerous manner on the Canterbury Road on 25th May.

P.C. Bradley, of the mobile police, who chased the car, said he was on duty at the Lord of the Manor crossing and the A.A. scout was directing traffic when defendant cut in on the wrong side of an Austin 7 which was travelling from Ramsgate to Sarre.

P.C. Bradley added that the Armstrong Siddeley car driven by defendant went over the crossing at between 30 and 40 mph and if the smaller car had been travelling at any speed or had turned towards its near side an accident could not have been averted.

Mr. George Feast, of the "Six Bells," Chislet, the driver of the Austin 7, said he put his hand out to show that he was going to slow up before he got to the crossing. The A.A. scout signalled him on and he was going towards Canterbury when the other car cut in on the wrong side.

Defendant, who pleaded guilty, said he was told by his employer that he must get from Ramsgate to Whitstable and back in just over an hour. When he saw the driver of the smaller car put out his hand he thought that he was going to turn towards Margate, so he passed him on the other side.

He had no idea that he was being chased until the police officer overtook him. As a result of being late he had lost his job and he had spent all the spare cash he had in travelling to Ramsgate to attend the court.

Detective Sergeant Avery said defendant was fined 10s. on 17th of July, 1929, for dangerous driving.
Defendant was fined 2 and ordered to pay 10s. witness' fees. His licence was endorsed.

Defendant said it would be difficult for him to obtain employment if his licence was endorsed and the Clerk (Mr. J. Thorne Drury) said the endorsement was automatic.

Defendant was allowed and month in which to pay.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 3 September 1932.

Cheerful Sparrows Fate at Herne Bay.

Distribution of free gifts.

The Herne Bay Brotherhood of Cheerful Sparrows held its annual Fete and Fair on Thursday and Friday last week. Owing to the rain on Friday many of the events were postponed till the Saturday, and the other allocation of free gifts was the deferred until Monday.

The numerous gifts awarded in connection with the fete were allocated as follows:-

Item 47:- Case of half dozen stainless knives. Presented by Bro. G. Pleass, the "Six Bells," Chislett.




JEZZARD Samuel 1841-58+ (also baker age 50 in 1851Census)

PORT William 1861-91+ (age 61 in 1891Census)

WHYBOURN John 1901-03+ Kelly's 1903 (age 47 in 1901Census)

JAY William James to Sept/1929 Whitstable Times

WALKER Charles Walter Sept/1929-June/30 dec'd Whitstable Times

WALKER Alice Emily (widow) June/1930+ Whitstable Times

FEAST George 1931+

NEWMAN Charles 1938+

MARSH B 1950+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald


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