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Earliest ????

Man of Kent

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Denwood Street


Butcher's Arms 1900

Above photo, 1896 kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Showing Albert Graves (man in centre licensee of the "Butcher's Arms" in Ashley) outside the "Man of Kent." The man of the right of him is his father, John Graves age 77.

Man of Kent 1914

Above postcard taken from a book with the documentation saying:- "In this picture the postman can be seen near the door with his bicycle while George Wood, and employee, is standing by the horse & cart which he regularly used for deliveries throughout Godmersham and Crundale.

Man of Kent

Above postcard, date unknown. Kindly sent by Jan Rafferty.

Man of Kent 1930

Above postcard, 1930.

Man of Kent 1950

Above photo 1950, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Man of Kent 1950

Above photo, circa 1950 showing Sydney Curtis the gentleman in the centre. Kindly sent by Jan Rafferty.

Man of Kent 1950

Above photo, circa 1950. Kindly sent by Jan Rafferty.

Man of Kent bar

Above postcard, date unknown, showing the inside of the pub.

Man of Kent 2008

Above photo 2008 by Nick Smith Creative Commons Licence.

Man of Kent

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly sent by Jan Rafferty.

Man of Kent sign 1986

Above sign, August 1986.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

It appears that the above sign is very similar to the one sent to me of "Man of Kent" at High Halden. Confirmation of correctness required please.

Man of Kent card 1955Man of Kent card 1955

Above card issued April 1955. Sign series 5 number 27.


The building dates back to about 1760, and was formerly a private house, in 1870 it became a shop and later gained a license to sell beers and ended up as a public house.

The pub doubled as a shop till at least 1953 when Sydney Curtis was licensee, who was described as the licensee and shop keeper.

I have been informed by Michael Mirams that the pub closed in 1957, he says it was sold de-licensed in February 1957 to a Frank Harvey for 1,000. In 2002, it was on the market for 400,000! The above info gleaned from David Harper's book 'Whitbread - The Inn Behind The Signs.' My guess is that the inn sign was left standing until removal after 1986.


The Old Man of Kent, Crundale.

When George Perkins bought what is now the Old Man of Kent in February 1801 the 58 he paid also brought him about three quarters of an acre on the opposite side of the road where a house had formerly stood. This had burnt down about the 1750's and Well Cottage was later built on the same site. The land also had a barn but this was pulled down around 1970 and replaced with a house.

The purchase deed describes George as being “of Crundall, servant” but further detail can be found in the will of the Rev. Sir Edmund Filmer who died in June 1810 and bequeathed 50 to George Parkin his “late servant”. Before inheriting his Baronetcy, Edmund Filmer had been Rector of Crundale and he it was who married George Parkin to Mary Noyes at Crundale in November 1800. It seems likely that George Parkin, (apparently called Perkins in the purchase deed of 1801), had worked at the Rectory and probably “lived in” there. His bride's father was tenant farmer at Winchcombe so perhaps it was her family who provided funds to buy what later became the Man of Kent. George and Mary do not seem to have lived in the newly bought house and neither do they appear to have had any children.

Not long after inheriting the 50 from Sir Edmund Filmer, George became the tenant at Trimworth Manor renting the house and its 250 acres from the Filmer family. The costs of acquiring stock and equipment may have been met by his mortgage on the Old Man of Kent and the ground opposite which he took out in 1812 raising 100 at the rate of 5%. However this money could have been used to extend the house for a later mortgage and further advance in June 1839 tell us that the house had now been altered. Soon after George bought it in 1801 it was home to the Reynolds family but by 1839 there were two tenants: George Thomsett and William Pollard.

George Thomsett is mentioned in the Kentish Gazette of 11 July 1843 which contains a report on the recent East Kent & Canterbury Cattle Show. Various prizes were awarded to “Labourers and Servants” and amongst this number was:

To Geo. Tomsett, servant to Mr G. Parkin of Crundale, having had 12 children and brought up 10 without any medical or parochial relief. 4.

In all likelihood two children had died in infancy and in reality it was quite an achievement to have ten children out of twelve survive at that time.

The parish had a doctor available for its poor and the Vestry Book for November 1828 shows:- W. Wildish of Wye to be appointed Surgeon to the parish with a salary of 16.

Then in March 1833 a cheaper option was found:- Mr Glendinings' tender of Medical assistance, medicins & surgery for twelve pounds for the year beginning March 25 1833 …. was accepted but apparently the doctor had not been required by the Thomsett family.

]George and Hannah Thomsett remained at the Old Man of Kent until the 1850's when, with their children growing up and leaving home, they moved a little further down the road either to a part of what is now Glenwood Farm or to one of a group of cottages which stood behind that house but which have been gone for nearly a hundred years.

These cottages were known as The Barracks and around the time of the First World War one of them was home to Ned Thomsett whose wife was the local midwife.

What is now the Old Man of Kent first became a public house late in the 19th century but it was also the local shop and bakery. It was eventually purchased by Whitbread's and when they sold it in 1957 it was on the condition that it should never again be used as licensed premises.

The picture of the Tap Room at the Man of Kent is taken from the book “Inns of Kent” which was published in 1948 for Whitbread's.




PERKINS George 1801+

PILCHER Frank 1891+ (age 48 in 1891Census)

CURTIS Sydney 1949-Nov/53 Next pub licensee had




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