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Earliest 1770-

King's Head

12 Sept 1967

Church Street


King's Head 1900

Above postcard, 1900.

King's Head 1903

Above postcard, circa 1903. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

King's Head 1919

Above photo, postcard 1919, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

King's Head 1934

Above photo, circa 1934, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

King's Head 1947

Above photo, circa 1947, by Geoffrey William Tanner, kindly sent by his daughter Cathy Edmunds.

King's Head 1947

Above photo, circa 1947, by Geoffrey William Tanner, kindly sent by his daughter Cathy Edmunds.

King's Head 1949

Above photo, circa 1949, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Still in Kenward & Court's, Close Brewery, Hadlow, livery.

Former King's Head 2016

Above Google image, July 2016.


Kentish Gazette 10 July 1770.

To be Sold by Auction by E. Baker, At the sign of the "King's Head," at Hadlow in Kent, on Monday the 16th July, exactly at ten o'clock in the forenoon.

That Valuable Team of Nine exceeding good Cart Horses (without Harness) belonging to Mr. John Larking of the same place; who intending to keep a Team no longer, disposes of them in this manner: And for the convenience of the Purchasers, each horse will be sold separate from the others.

Also to be sold at the same time, Two good Saddle Horses.

The sale will begin punctually at Ten o.clock.


Kentish Gazette 23 October 1770.

Joseph Drywood, from Cranbrooke, Worsted and Yarn Maker, in Mill-Lane, Maidstone. Advertising his products, also continues that he delivers the Kentish Gazette every Tuesday & Saturday, setting out from his house or the "Bull."

While delivering the papers he calls at the following named Public-Houses, to collect parcels & orders.

The "Kings Head" at Hadlow, ......


From the South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 27 July 1858.

Odd Fellows.

The anniversary of the Loyal Men of Kent Lodge of Odd Fellows was held on Wednesday last, in a meadow near the street. An excellent dinner was provided by Mr. Bennett, of the "Kings Head Inn." The members, about 80 in number, after attending divine service, paraded the village, headed by Holland's band. The Rev. G. S. Woodgate presided, and, in the course of many excellent remarks, spoke with some feeling on the absence of so many of the employers from the annual festival, which was greatly to be regretted, as he considered these and similar institutions were an honour and credit to the working classes; and that all inhabitants of a parish, and more especially the larger ratepayers, were directly or indirectly benefited by well-conducted benefit society. The afternoon was spent in a most agreeable manner.


Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, Saturday 28th July 1860.

Hadlow. Odd Fellows Anniversary.

The 15th anniversary of this society was held on Wednesday last. The band of the Royal Marines was engaged for the occasion, but as it did not arrive here until 4 p.m., the club did not parade the village as on former occasions.

At 2 o'clock the members and friends proceeded to a spacious booth, to partake of an excellent dinner provided by Mr. Bennett, of the "Kings Head." The Rev. G. S. Woodgate, of Pembury, presiding, and in the course of the proceedings gave several excellent addresses. The toasts were interspersed by the efficient performances of the band and the humorous singing of Mr. Windebank. A most pleasant evening was spent.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, Friday 30 January 1874.

Tonbridge Petty sessions. Transfers.

The license of the "Kings Head," Hadlow, from Frederick Gloucester Smith to Alfred James Ashby.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 5 June 1874.

Tonbridge Petty sessions. Transfer Of Licence.

The licence of the "King's Head," Hadlow, was transferred from the late Mrs. Matthews to the Executors.



In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 7 January, 1916.



The Tonbridge Magistrates a fortnight ago, owing to the fact that the executors of the late tenant of the "King's Head," Hadlow, having failed to give proper notice of intention to apply for the transfer of the license to Mr. Hesekiah Tourle, refused to grant the licensee, and as a consequence the house for the time being has had to be closed.

On Tuesday Mr. R. Vaughan Gower (Tunbridge Wells) made a further application on behalf of the owners of the house.

The Chairman: I think it is rather futile to go into this. The Bench have given their decision on it.

Mr. Gower: I appeal strongly on behalf of the owners and Mr. Tourle. If you refuse the license it means almost, if not entire, ruin to Mr. Tourle.

The Chairman: The decision already given must remain.


Kent & Sussex Courier 06 April 1928.


Hezekiah Tourle, "King's Head," Hadlow, applied for an extension from 2 to 6 p.m. - the whole afternoon - on April 7th on the occasion of a furniture sale in his yard.

The Bench refused the application, the Chairman saying the Bench did not consider it in the public interest.


Kenward and Court's Close brewery, had been taken over by Hammerton's Stockwell Brewery in 1945 and the Close Brewery was closed in 1949. Hammerton's were themselves taken over, by Watney's, in 1951 and a year later, the King's Head and all the other 45 Kenward and Court pubs were sold to Charrington's.


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 25 August 1967.

Village pub is closing.

Hadlow's 17th century public house the "King's Head" is to be closed on September 12.

The building is on the statutory list of Buildings of Architectural and Historic Interest, which is prepared by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

This means that any alterations to the building can be made only with special permission.

The public house is run by Charringtons, who own a brewery in the village as well as two other public houses.

Licensees retiring.

A spokesman for the district managers office said the house would probably sold as a private property. "No actual decision has yet been made beyond that of closing it," he added.

The licensees of the "King's Head," Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reed, had already decided to retire before the closure was announced. They moved to Hadlow 18 months ago.

Mr. Reed said:- "The trade is not really good enough here. We miss all the passing trade as we are set back from the main road. The "King's Head" is in Church Street, Hadlow.

"One of the problems that will arise after September 11," said Mrs. Reed, is what is going to happen to the old folk. They come here every week for their drives and they have not yet found another place to go.

Hadlow village boasts 7 public houses.




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