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Earliest 1862-

Jolly Sailors Inn

Latest 1908+

21 Flushing Street

Milton Regis


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 1 July 1871.

Theft from a Barge in Whitstable.

Thomas John Pattenden, 44, mariner, was indicted for stealing one oil-coat and a telescope, value 18s, the property of George Lissenden at Whitstable, on the 11th of April.

Mr. Barrow prosecuted.

The prosecutor stated that it was a mariner, and on the 10th of April last he had his barge in Whitstable Harbour. The coat and telescope were on his barge on the night of the 11th of April, and he missed them on the following morning the cabin having been broken into.

Edward Rigden said he heard the last witness complaining of his lost, and he then thought of his having seen the prisoner, a few days before, early in the morning, coming from the Harbour with an oil-coat and a telescope on his arm.

Harriet Goatham, wife of Henry Goatham, landlord of the "Jolly Sailor," Milton-next-Sittingbourne, said the prisoner and another man came to her house and offered the telescope for sale, and she gave him 4s. for it. He said it belonged to him, and he had had it in his use for years.

I.C. Capps went to the ship building yard at Murston and found the prison of their. He charged him with stealing an oil-skin coat and a telescope. He went to the prisoners lodging and found an oil-skin coat in a bag, which he said belonged to him.

The prisoner's statement was put in. It was to the effect that he had the things given to him by Daniel Warner.

Warner was called and denied ever being in the prisoner's company, and all the other statements made to him by him respecting his selling the coat and telescope to him, and he's going with him to the "Jolly Sailor."

The jury found the prisoner guilty, and having been previously convicted, he was sentenced to 18 months' hard labour.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 12 February 1910.


The Licensing Sessions for the Sittingbourne Division were held on Monday, before Messrs. R. G. E. Locke (chairman), G. H. Dean, R. Mercer, T. E. Denson, H. Payne, C. Ingleton, J. Copland, W. R. Elgar, H. L. Webb, and W. N. Rule, and Lieut.-Colonel Thompson, C.I.E.

The annual report of Superintendent Crowhurst mentioned that two ale-houses and two beer-houses that had been referred for compensation were closed on December 31st last. These houses were the "Jolly Sailors," Milton; the "Criterion," Sheerness; the "Good Intent," Sheerness: and the "Sons of Sheppy," Minster.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 24 October, 1908.


The supplemental meeting of the East Kent Licensing Committee met at the Sessions House, Longport, Canterbury, on Monday for the purpose of considering claims for compensation under the Licensing Act of 1904. Lord Harris presided, the other members of the Committee present being Lieut.-Colonel S. Newton-Dickenson, Messrs. F. H. Wilbee, H. Fitzwalter Plumptre, J. H. Monins. F. E. Burke, F. Cheesmsn, and A. Flint. The majority of the agreements as to terms of compensation between owners and tenants were signed, only four cases being referred to the Inland Revenue.

The following cases were referred to Inland Revenue:—

"Jolly Sailor," Milton Regis, owners Messrs. Budden and Biggs, Ltd., Rochester, tenant J. M. L. Delvin.




GOATHAM Henry 1862-81+ (also sawyer age 50 in 1881Census)

GOATHAM Harriet 1903+ Kelly's 1903



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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