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Earliest ????

Jolly Gardeners

Dec 1910

31 Lower Rainham (1871Census)


Jolly Gardeners

Above postcard, date unknown showing the pub in the centre of the picture. Kindly submitted by Michael Nancollas.

Jolly Gardener's 2009

Above Google image 2009.

Jolly Gardener's 2012

Above Google image 2012.

Jolly Gardeners 2016

Above photo 2016. Kindly submitted by Michael Nancollis, who says:- There is an end of building sign painted on an end wall in the middle of this picture which you can make out WINC (STYLE AND WINCH) and below that ALE. This leads me to believe that it is the building behind the timbered building in foreground that is the "Jolly Gardner." In the top picture you can see a tiled lean-to on the building under ALE and if you look at the white building below you can just make out the line where that lean-to used to be. Today I have spoken to the householder at 501 Lower Rainham Road and have confirmed that that it is the white building (Also an old building) that was the "Jolly Gardner" and not the old house at 505 Lower Rainham Road. In fact had I looked closer, next to the chimney stack, are the cellar door where the beer was delivered. The other end of the building was the local general store probably also run by the pub.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 12 February 1910.


The Licensing Sessions for the Sittingbourne Division were held on Monday, before Messrs. R. G. E. Locke (chairman), G. H. Dean, R. Mercer, T. E. Denson, H. Payne, C. Ingleton, J. Copland, W. R. Elgar, H. L. Webb, and W. N. Rule, and Lieut.-Colonel Thompson, C.I.E.

In the past year 170 persons had been proceeded against for drunkenness, 42 being residents. This was a decrease of 17 compared with the return of the previous year.

The Chairman remarked that the report was very satisfactory. The Justices. he said, had been pursuing their policy of reducing the number of licenses,. and had referred four houses to the Compensation Authority. The four houses were the "White Hart" and "Sir John Falstaff," Newington; and the "Jolly Gardeners" and the "Woodman's Arms," Rainham. With these exceptions the whole of the licenses were renewed.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 12 March 1910.


At the adjourned licensing sessions on Monday, Mr. R. G. E. Locke in the chair, formal evidence as to accommodation and the class of trade was given by Superintendent Crowhurst in the eases of the "White Hart" and "Sir John Falstaff," Newington, and the "Jolly Gardeners" and "Woodman's Arms," Rainham, the licences of which houses had not been renewed at the Licensing Sessions a month ago. Mr. A. Booth Hearn (Chatham), representing the owners (Messrs. Shepherd, Neame and Co.) and the tenant of the "White Hart," Newington, applied for the renewal of the licence. Formal application for renewal of the licences was also made in respect of the other three houses. The Bench, however, decided to refer all four licences to the Compensation Authority.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday, 19 November, 1910.


The "Jolly Gardeners," Lower Rainham, ante 1869 beer-house, owners Messrs. Style and Winch, Ltd., tenant Mr. William Francis Barnes. Total amount 1,029; divided, owners 919, tenant 110.




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BARNES William Francis to Dec/1910



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