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Earliest ????

Hop Pole

Open 2020+

Maidstone Road

Nettlestead Green

01622 816916

Hop Poles

Above postcard, date unknown.

Hop Poles 1956

Above photo, circa 1956, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Hop Poles

Above photo 2014.

Hop Pole sign 1994Hop Poles sign 1995

Above sign left 1994, sign right, March 1995.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Hop Poles card 1949Hop Poles card 1949

Above aluminium card issued May 1949. Sign series 1 number 35.


The pub is said to be 17th century. The 1861 census described the premises as a beer house.

Information from local resident Dail Whiting says the following:-  The pub is situated on the Maidstone Road, Nettlestead Green. Already open in 1895, so probably a bit earlier. Still open 2017.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 11 September 1869.

Licensed Houses.

The licence to the "Hop Pole," Nettlestead, stood over till the 27th in consequence of incomplete signatures to the notice.


I am informed that of August 2018 the pub was under sale for an asking price of 45,000.


From the By Ben Ashton, 17 September 2018.

The filthy reasons these 7 restaurants and pubs in Maidstone were given 0-2 food hygiene ratings.

Out of date food, chefs not washing their hands and greasiness were among the reasons why outlets scored poorly.

There are 7 food outlets that have been hit with a poor food hygiene rating in the Maidstone area so far in 2018.

Restaurants, takeaways, pubs and a Costa drive thru were among those considered to be below the standards required.

And now the reasons why they ranked so badly have been revealed.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, run by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in partnership with local authorities, inspects hygiene standards at places where food and drink is sold.

A rating is given based on food management, the hygienic handling of food and the condition and cleanliness of buildings.

Ratings range from zero, meaning urgent improvement is required, to five, meaning standards are very good.

Food hygiene ratings

5 - Very good

4 - Good

3 - Generally satisfactory

2 - Improvement necessary

1 - Major improvement necessary

0 - Urgent improvement necessary

The following list shows all of the places in Maidstone that received a rating of two or below following their latest inspections, as well as the date they were inspected and the reason why they received that score.

All ratings are based on information released to Kent Live under the Freedom of Information Act and also publicly available on the Food Standards Agency website. They are correct as of September 17, 2018.

The Hop Pole Inn. Rating: 1

When was it inspected? March 27, 2018.

Reasons for rating: This traditional country pub was penalised for a “very mouldy” ice machine and for the way some foods were being stored.

Inspectors found a cheesecake in the dessert fridge that had a core temperature of 15.6C when it’s supposed to be kept at 8C or below.

The dessert fridge and raw meat fridge were believed to have been switched off the night before the visit and all food inside had to be removed for disposal.

The report said: “Food stored in the fridges were left uncovered. There was general debris and litter to the floor of the cellar.

“The two supporting poles for the covering of the carvery hot holding unit was flaking paint, rendering the poles difficult to clean and introduces the risk of foreign body contamination to the food.”

Among some of the reasons for the low rating was pooling water on the floor at one side of the bar, unclean kitchen wall tiles and dirty flooring in the pot wash and dessert area.

The pub has since confirmed to Kent Live that extensive works are being undertaken in preparation for a reinspection.


From the By Chloe Holmwood, 21 October 2019.

Inside the most viewed homes in Kent, according to Zoopla.

The third most viewed property for the month is a traditional country pub near Maidstone, which has had 2,538 page views.

The lease of The Hop Pole Inn, in Nettlestead, is up for sale for 90,000.

The business is run as a traditional country pub with a restaurant, serving an a la carte menu, bar meals and a daily carvery.

The listing says: "This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a well-established business in a village setting, which offers potential for future growth and improvement."

Hop Pole 2019

The Hop Pole Inn, in Nettlestead, near Maidstone, is the third most viewed property in Kent on Zoopla.



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EVEREST Lewis H Apr/1892-1901+ (age 34 in 1901Census) Thanet Advertiser

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