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Hare and Hounds

Open 2020+

Potters Corner / Maidstone Road



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Hare and Hounds 1904

Above postcard 1904, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Hare and Hounds 1929

Above postcard circa 1929, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Hare and Hounds

Above postcard, date unknown.

Hare and Hounds 1938

Above postcard, date circa 1938.

Hare and Hounds

Above photo, date unknown.

Hare and Hounds

Above photo, date unknown, from Lucy Ellis.

Hare and Hounds 2012

Above photos, 28 January 2012, taken by Eric Hartland.

Hare and Hounds sign 1991Hare and Hounds sogn 1986

Above sign left July 1986 with thanks from Brian Curtis Sign right July 1991.

Hare and Hounds sign 2019

Above sign 2019.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 3 June 1905.

Fatal Acetylene Gas Explosion.

Shocking death of an Ashford publican.

On Saturday evening at about 5 o'clock, a shocking accident happened to Mr. Henry Link, landlord of the "Hare and Hounds," Potters Corner, Ashford, which terminated lately on the following evening. The deceased was attending to the acetylene generator in the front of his house when an explosion occurred, the top of the generator flying into his face and blowing the left side completely away. He was removed to the Ashford Cottage Hospital, where he passed away at 8 o'clock on Sunday evening.

The inquest was held on Monday evening at the Ashford Police Station by Mr. R. M. Mercer, the East Kent Coroner.

Mr. W. H. Coke, medical practitioner, stated that he was called to attend deceased at the College Hospital on Saturday evening. The whole of the left side of his face was torn off, the bones on that side of his face fractured, and deceased was in a great state of collapse. he had evidently lost a great deal of blood and was insensible. He expired on the following day between 7 o'clock and 8.30.

Arthur John Cornelius, brother-in-law of the deceased, said he new the deceased kept a small gas manufactory for the generation of acetylene gas to light the grounds around the house. He had had it about 12 months, but witness did not understand anything about the working of it. Just after 8 o'clock on Saturday he was in the bar when there was a loud explosion. Witness immediately went into the gardens and found deceased lying on his left size on the ground near the generator quite senseless. Witness lifted him up, called for assistance, and placed him on one of the tables, where he proceeded to bind him up. He was then taken straight into the hospital. The outside cover of the generator, which was produced with a great dent in the top, was blown over the stables and fell into a garden on the other side of the road. A box of matches and deceased hat were found near the generator. Deceased was in the habits of testing the generator by putting a light to the bottom.

Mr. Hayward, a juror said that the slightest leakage would cause it to smell all over the place and there was no necessity to place a light near it.

The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death."


1901 – 1905 - Henry Link, Jr.

His Probate in 1905 said he was of the “Hare and Hounds Potter’s-corner near Ashford Kent.”

He died in May 1905 in Ashford Cottage Hospital.


Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald, Saturday 27 August 1910.

Employees' Outing.

The employees of Mr. L. Hoskins, builder and contractor, Hythe, held their annual outing on Saturday last, and a very enjoyable day was spent. Leaving Hythe at 7:30 a.m. in one of the large cars of the Folkestone Motors Ltd, a stop was made at the "Hare and Hounds," Potters Corner, Ashford, where a splendid breakfast was served by host Cromer. After full justice has been done to the repast, a start was made for Gillingham, via Maidstone.

At Gillingham the party sat down to a dinner well provided by Mr. Thorne, Electric Bakery. A visit to the bakeries and a view of the stranded frying machine at Rainham were greatly enjoyed.

On the homeward journey, stops were made at Sittingbourne and Canterbury, the party eventually arrived at Hythe shortly before 10 p.m., all agree and that the day had been a most pleasant one.


From their website accessed Sept 2016.

The existence of the public house which is now the "Hare and Hounds" can be traced back to the 18th Century.

The Lord of the Manor (Rt Hon Earl of Thanet) is recorded to have owned the premises until around 1760.

The first recorded landlord was John Dodd who ran the public house from 1782 to 1824. He is recorded as having married Elizabeth Andress in Westwell on 1st November 1772.

Their son, George then went on to run the pub between 1824 and 1841 with his wife Sarah and two daughters who eventually emigrated to live in Pennsylvania.

The longest serving landlord to date was Herbert Drew from 1934 to 1959. For the 3 years prior to becoming landlord here, he ran the "Prince Albert" in New Street in Ashford town centre.

More recently, Marie and Alan Stack served as landlord and lady for 13 years until retiring in 2008.

The current family team running the "Hare and Hounds," the Ralph family, took over on the 19th December 2008.

The current landlord Darren, his father John and brother Julian would be delighted to welcome you to this splendid 18th Century pub and look forward to seeing you soon.



DODD John 1782-1824

DODD George (son) 1824-41

EDWARDS James 1851+ (age 31 in 1851Census)

TUFF Henry 1861+ (age 42 in 1861Census)

TUFF James 1862+

HINDS William 1871+ (age 36 in 1871Census)

ROOTS James 1874+

CLARINGBOULD Henry 1881-91+ (age 47 in 1891Census)

LINK Henry 1901-05 dec'd (age 58 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

CROMER ???? 1910+

COZENS George B 1913+

OFFEN A J 1922-29 dec'd

OFFEN Ellen (widow) 1929-34

Last pub licensee had DREW Herbert E 1934-59

STACK Alan 1995-2008

RALPH Darren 19/Dec/2008+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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