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Earliest ????

Ghunzee Fort

Latest ????

(Name to)

21 Church Road

Gillingham (New Brompton pre 1906)

Ghunzee Fort 1900

Above photo 1900. Kind thanks to David Pott from

Ghunzee Fort 1980

Above photo 1980. Kind thanks to David Pott.

Ghunzee Fort 1982

Above photo April 1982. Showing Frederick Pott (left) and David Pott (right).

Above photo 1988, kindly sent by Philip Dymott.


The pub changed names to the "Countryman," date unknown.



During the 1980's inside there were a number of framed photos that the current landlord had found in the attic. They were all taken about the same time as the older picture posted here when my great grandfather was landlord. Unfortunately I never got around to taking copies of the pictures, and on my next visit to the pub in the early 90s the interior is as sparten as it was a couple of years ago.

Frederick is standing in the doorway, unfortunately there is no record that I know of any of the others in the photo.

Frederick Pott was born March 1853 at Mud Row Eastchurch Sheppey died 6 August 1906 at the "Ghuznee Fort Hotel," Gillingham. He is recorded as being a member of the court leet and was one of the court's members on Gillingham's incorporation committee; he was also in the local masons who I was told by my father used to meet in the function room of the "Ghuznee." He married Ann Simmonds June 1874 Preston next Faversham.

He is first recorded in the Medway area in the 1881 census living in Bryant Street Chatham where he was a dockyard labourer. In 1891 he had moved around the corner to 22 Church Street where he is recorded as a watchmaker. He took over the "Ghuznee" after the death of his uncle Robert Pott who was landlord of the "Wellington Arms," New road Chatham from 1861 until his death 1893. His uncle died childless and left his estate to his nephews and nieces with Frederick getting a much larger share than the others.



The "Ghuznee Fort"  takes its name from a great fortress in the Khyber Pass, captured in 1839 by blowing up the main Kabal Gate as mining and escalading were impossible. Many Royal Engineers from the nearby School of Military Engineering, were involved in the action and brought the name back with them.


Ghunzee Fort Souviner 1902

Above souvenir dated 26th June 1902.


From the Sevenoaks Chronicle, 31 August 1852.


Friday being the day appointed for the general annual Licensing day, and for hearing applications fro granting new licenses, the county magistrates assembled in petty sessions at eleven o'clock. There were present, the Rev. G. Davies (chairman), Capt. Baker, W. M. Smith, Esq., M. P., W. H. Nicholson, Esq., Major Boys, and the Rev. J. J. Marsham.

There were several applications for granting new licenses, and the proceedings were watched with some interest by those concerned.

Mr. Stephenson applied for a license for the "Gunzee Fort," a beer shop, situated at the same locality, (as the "Viscount Harding") and which he submitted, from its peculiar position, was the best entitled to a license. It was, he said, capable of affording every accommodation, having stabling and a coach-house, was in a direct line from Brompton to Gillingham, and altogether was far more eligible for a license than any other application that had even been made to the magistrates. He handed in a memorial signed by several of the inhabitants residing in the neighbourhood, favourable to license being granted.


The court was now cleared for the magistrates to deliberate, and on admission the Chairman intimated that licenses were granted for the "Prince of Wales," "Gunzee Fort," and the "Viscount Hardinge."


Sheerness Guardian 9 July 1859.


At the county magistrates' justice room, on Wednesday week last, a man named Joseph Manrrock who was stated to be a labourer in Chatham dockyard, was brought up in custody on a charge of having stabbed William Matthews in a quarrel. The only witness examined in support of the charge was Mr. Siburn, landlord of the "Guznee Fort" public-house, New Brompton, the prosecutor himself being too much injured to attend. From Mr. Siburn's statement it appeared that on Monday night there was a Foresters' party at his house, the prisoner and prosecutor being among those present. During the evening prisoner became very noisy, which resulted in his being expelled from the premises. He, however, soon afterwards returned, and commenced a quarrel with prosecutor, during which he drew a large clasp knife and gave him several severe stabs with it about the face and body, one of the cuts laying open the cheek from the ear to the corner of the mouth. Superintendent Everest said he had no doubt that the prosecutor had been stabbed in as many as fifty places, from the numerous cuts on his clothes and the quantity of blood on the ground where the occurrence took place. Although diligent search had been made by the police, they had been unable to find the knife. The prisoner was remanded for a week.





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FULLER Samuel 1874-91+ (age 55 in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1874

POTT FREDERICK 1901-03+ (age 49 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

KNIGHT Frederick William 1911-13+ (age 43 in 1911Census) Post Office Directory 1913

COOPER John 1918-22+ Post Office Directory 1918Post Office Directory 1922

OWEN Douglas Frederick Charles 1930-38+ Post Office Directory 1930Post Office Directory 1938

TAYLOR W H Taylor 1950+ Black Eagle Journal



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