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Earliest 1828-


Closed Mar 2014

148 High Street

Mile Town


Crown Hotel

Above photo, circa 1950.


Above photo, date unknown, also showing the Ex-Serviceman's Club after fire damage. Taken from

Crown 2006

Above photo December 2006, care of Trevor Edward site

Crown 2007

Above photo kindly taken and sent by Trevor Edwards, 2 November 2007.

Crown 2010

Above photo 2010 by Chris Whippet Creative Commons Licence.

Crown 2009

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Crown sign 1995Crown sign 2012

Above sign left 1995, sign right July 2012.

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June Simpson tells me that in the 1910s the "Crown Hotel" was in the name of Parnham and Mother said they always had cockatoos screeching from the windows above. I believe a daughter Clara fell and died from the window.

Ind Coope & Co Ltd purchased the pub from Budden & Biggs Brewery Ltd by conveyance and assignment dated 23 March 1931. The pub held a full license.

I am informed that the pub was a great venue for live music but it had closed around March 2014.


From the Kentish Gazette, 14 January 1840.

On new year's eve at the "Crown Inn," Sheerness, was the scene of much merriment and joviality. The mechanics in the dock-yard gave an entertainment, at which their families and a large party of friends, to the number of nearly 300, were present. Dancing was kept up with good spirit to a late hour.


Kentish Gazette, 2 March 1847.


Smith. Feb 12, at Sheerness, Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. B. Smith, of the "Crown Inn."


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 7 February 1865.

Public House Offences.

Richard Cullen, a victualler living at Sheerness, was summoned for keeping open his house, during prohibited hours, on the 22nd ult.

Police constables Pink and Hasemore proved going to the "Crown," kept by the defendant, on the morning of the 22nd ult., about halt-past one. They knocked, but received no answer. They pushed open the door and went into the bar parlour, where they found Captain Harper and a Mr. Harris, with two glasses containing whiskey and water. Harris pressed them to have something to drink.

This was the evidence in support of the complaint, and Mr. Wates contended that the sale was not proved, and called John Sedgwick Harper, chief clerk in H. M. Dockyard and captain of the Dockyard Corps of Volunteer Artillery, who said that on the night in question a meeting had been held in connection with the corps at the "Crown." All the members left at 12 o’clock, but he, with Sergeant Harris, stayed behind to transact some business. He was quite positive no liquor was drawn after 12 o'clock.

After hearing this evidence, the Bench considered the sale not proved, and dismissed the complaint.



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LOCKYER William 1832-39+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

LOCKYER Sophannah 1840+

SMITH Benjamin 1847+

GREEN John George 1855-62+ (age 51 in 1861Census)

CULLEN Richard 1865+

BAMBROUGH Ralph 1867-74+ (age 42 in 1871Census)

STUDD William 1881+ (age 55 in 1881Census)

STUDD William Owen 1882+

PARNELL John 1891-1903+ (age 55 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

PARNHAM Hannah Maria 1913-18+

NOKES Walter C 1934+

FRANCIS William George 1938+


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