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Earliest 1808+

Bull Inn

Open 2014+

Penenden Heath Road / Harbour Land 1861Census


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Above photo circa 1928. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Bull 1928

Above photo circa 1928. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Bull 1980s

Above photo circa 1980s.

Bull Inn

Above photo date unknown.

Bull sign 1964Bull sign 1991

Above sign, October 1991.

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Kentish Chronicles, 24 January, 1794.


On Monday last died, Mr. John West, master of the "Bull" public house, on Pennenden-heath.


Kentish Gazette 22 July 1808.


On Saturday morning, at the "Bull Inn," Pennenden-Heath, Mrs. Hannah Woodgate, aged 72.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal, Friday 6 March 1818.

In the night of Thursday last, the Shire-Houses at Pennenden Heath, was broken open, and two marquees and other articles, belonging to Mr. Crawte, of the "Bull," at that place, were stolen thereout.


Canterbury Weekly, 15 October, 1836.


On the 7th instant, age 74, Mr. Crawte, upwards of thirty years landlord of the "Bull Inn," Penenden Heath, and formerly of first-rate cricketer.


From the Kentish Gazette, 18 October 1836.


October 7th, age d 74, Mr. Crawte, upwards of 30 years landlord of the "Bull Inn," Penenden Heath, near Maidstone, and formerly a first-rate cricketer.


Southeastern Gazette, 29 March 1853.


MR. EDWARD GEORGE HUNT respectfully informs his numerous friends and the public generally that he has taken the above old-established Inn, where he intends to make many improvements for the convenience of parties, &c., and trusts by assiduous attention and perseverance to obtain their support.

All refreshments and liquors, of the best quality, at moderate prices.

Good Stabling, &c.


South Eastern Gazette, 14 February, 1860.

BEARSTED. Pbety Sessions, Feb. 6.

(Before the Earl of Romney, chairman, Admiral Jones-Marsham, Capt. Robinson, A. Randall, D. Seratton, E. Burton, C. G. Whittaker, R. F. W. Martin, and W. Moore, Esqrs.)

Benjamin Roff Orpin, of the "Bull Inn," Penenden-heath, was charged by Superintendent Maloney, for having his house open for the sale of beer at one o’clock a m., on Sunday morning, the 8th ult. At the defendant’s request, the case was adjourned till the next sessions.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 18 February, 1860.

Benjamin Ross Orpin, of the “Bull Inn,” Penenden Heath, was charged by Superintendent Maloney, for having his house open for the sale of beer at one o'clock a.m., on Sunday morning, the 8th ult. At the defendant's request, the case was adjourned till the next session.


South Eastern Gazette, 12 March, 1860.

BEARSTED. PETTY SESSIONS, MONDAY. (Before Admiral Jones-Marsham, in the chair, Capt. Robinson, D. Scratton, R. F. W. Martin, and C. G. Whittaker, Esqrs.)

Benjamin Ross, of the "Bull Inn," Penenden-heath, was summoned by Superintendent Maloney, for keeping open house at 1 a.m., on Sunday, the 8th of January. The case had been adjourned from the previous sitting.

Fined 10s,. and 13s. 6d. costs.


South Eastern Gazette, 26 June, 1860.


PARTIES wishing to spend a pleasant day are invited to call at the "BULL INN," PENENDEN HEATH, where every facility is offered for Cricketing, Quoits, and other Rural and Athletic Sports, by THOMAS BARNEY. Good Accommodation! Good Liquors! Good Attendance!

Tea Gardens and Pleasure Grounds always Open.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 1 June 1861.

Bearsted Petty Sessions, Monday.

There was a special sitting at the Maidstone Town Hall of the Magistrates of the Bearsted division, for the purpose of hearing summonses taken out against various tradesman, on information laid by Mr. Thompson, inspector of weights and measures, for having in their possession deficient weights for scales and measures.

Thomas Barney, innkeeper, Boxley, two earthenware quart pots deficient in measure; also an unstamped quartern and half-quartern
pewter pot.

1 and 18 s. costs.


Kentish Gazette, 15 March 1853.

The licenses of the following houses were transferred:-

Of the "Bull Inn," Boxley, from Mr. T. Simmons to Mr. Edward Hunt.


Dover Express, Saturday 7 November 1863.

At the Bearsted Petty Sessions, on Monday last, Thomas Barney, landlord of the "Bull Inn," Penenden Heath, was charged on the information of Major Best, with having trespassed in search of rabbits on land in the occupation of D. Scratton, Esq., at Boxley, on the 9th October, but the information could not be sustained.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 12 May 1866.

Infringement of the cattle plague orders.

Thomas Barney, landlord of the "Bull," Penenden Heath, was charged that he did, in the parish of Boxley, on the 1st April, unlawfully move a cow, within the jurisdiction of the Bench, along the highway, for a distance of 367 yards, to land in the occupation of John Roberts.

In reply to the charge defendant said he had come to the Bench to state the truth. He had taken out licence for the removal of the cow. He drove the cow "to profit," and it being Sunday he could not procure an order.

P.C. Brown deposed to witnessing defendant drive the cow from Penenden Heath, between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning of 1st April.

Defendant denied that he drove it from the heath, but drove it from the farm, and called P.C. Dodd, who said that he did not see the cow on the heath at the time stated, although he was there from 10 till 11 o'clock.

The Chairman said that the Bench must convict him in the mitigated penalty of 5. It was clear that the defendant knew he was committing a breach of the regulations, by his own admission. They could not allow one without another to commit such acts with impunity. Others suffered by conforming to the regulations, and it would be an injustice to them to make distinctions.

Defendant paid the money, but said he thought he had been "hardly" dealt by.


Kentish Express, Friday 19 February 1982.

Two brothers from Greatstone and Folkestone, accused of conspiring to rob the "Bull" pub at Penenden Heath, Maidstone, will appear before Maidstone Magistrates today. They are Kenneth Quinney, 21, of Meyrick Road, Greatstone, and Kevin Quinney, 27, of Alexandra Gardens, Folkestone.

The alleged offences took place between November 15 and December 8, and the brothers are additionally charged with a similar offence on February 2. Both men appeared before the court on Tuesday and were remanded in custody until today.


Kentish Express, Friday 1 October 1982.

Supergrass helped smash drugs ring.


A GREATSTONE man was described, at Maidstone Crown Court, as being in the supergrass category.

A a plot in which he was involved to rob a Maidstone publican, while on his way to bank weekend takings, went wrong three times, the court was told.

The would-be robbers' attempts went on for four months, and in that time police suspicions were aroused by their activities.

Soon afterwards the Greatstone man and his brother were arrested.

It was during police questioning they revealed they were involved in a plan to rob the publican.

Not only that, said Anthony Artidge, prosecuting at the crown court, they gave information which enabled police to make a vital breakthrough in investigations into an elaborate drug smuggling ring.

In the dock were Kenneth Quinney, 28. of Alexandra Gardens, Folkestone, and Kevin Quinney, 22, of Merritt Road, Greatstone.

They were described by Mr. Arildge as "In the supergrass category."

As a result of assistance they gave to police 90 people were charged with complicity in the drugs ring.

He said it was anticipated the Quinney brothers would be willing to give evidence against former associates.

Both were charged with conspiracy to rob Michael Tilyard, landlord of the "Bull Inn," Penenden Heath.

Kenneth was further involved in offences of converting a weapon by shortening the barrel of a 12 bore shotgun, and possessing a 12 bore shotgun with intent to commit robbery.

Both also faced a charge of conspiring with others to supply cannabis and two more charges accused Kenneth Quinney of conspiring to supply cannabis to others and conspiring to evade the prohibition on the importation of cannabis.

All the charges were admitted.

Kenneth was jailed for five years.

Kevin, who was a very minor dealer' in drugs, was jailed for three years.



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WEST John to Jan/1794 dec'd

RACHELL George 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

CRAWTE John 1806-36 dec'd Pigot's Directory 1832-34

SIMMONS Tassley 1851-Mar/53 (age 45 in 1851Census)

HUNT Edward Mar/1853+

HUGGETT James 1858+

ORPIN Benjamin Ross 1860 Maidstone Telegraph

BARNEY Thomas 1860-74+ (age 50 in 1871Census)

PUNNETT Egbert 1881-82+ Next pub licensee had (age 40 in 1881Census)

PETTIT Rague 1891+ Post Office Directory 1891

PETTIT Sarah Mrs 1891-13+ (age 60 in 1911Census) Kelly's 1903

BOARDMAN John Henry 1922+

FLETCHER Nevill 1930-38+ Post Office Directory 1938

TILYARD Mike Nov/1978-Aug/85 Next pub licensee had


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Maidstone TelegraphMaidstone Telegraph

Post Office Directory 1891From the Post Office Directory 1891

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Post Office Directory 1938From the Post Office Directory 1938



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