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Earliest 1869-

Bridge House

Latest 1993+

100 Medway Road


Bridge House 2011 Bridge House 2011

Above photos 2011, from by Ben Levick.

Bridge House sign 1970s

Above sign, 1970s.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Bridge House card 1950Bridge House card 1950

Above aluminium card issued 1950. Sign series 2 number 3.



Opened as a Beer House sometime before 1869, the Bridge House was situated at the corner of Wharf Road and Bridge Road, although now it is listed as being in Medway Road. It takes its name from its proximity to the old bridge that once crossed St Mary's Creek to St Mary's Island. Also sometimes referred to as the "Bridge Tavern."

I think it closed in the 1980s, but I could be out by half a decade either way! It has now been converted into two houses.


This was owned by the church and has now (2018) been converted into a private house, date of closure as yet unknown.


I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

All emails are answered.


From an email received 8 August 2020.

I left Gillingham in the mid to late 80s, this pub was still open on my return trip in 1993-4? I always remember the couple that ran it as Knobby and Dot no idea of there first second name, they were a lovely couple and very welcoming to all that choose to use it, I have a gut feeling that knobby was ex navy. The attached photo is of my late mother, myself and my first real boyfriend, my family lived in Laurel road at the time, MOD police quarters when my father was a Sergeant in the MOD police before the dockyard closed and we got posted away. It was very much the local pub that a lot of MOD families used it.

Sandy Howse.

Bridge House customers 1993



ELLIOTT Charles 1874+

WHITTINGHAM Edward Whittingham 1881-82+ (also labourer age 41 in 1881Census)

KITNEY Frederick 1913-18+

CARTER John 1922+

ROOTS Clifton A 1930+

???? Knobby & Dot 1993+




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