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Earliest 1860-

Brickmaker's Arms

Closed 2013

51 Wyles Street


Brickmaker's Arms 2011 Brickmaker's Arms back 2011

Above photo 2011, from by Ben Levick.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 20 August 1881.

Chatham. Extraordinary Misconduct.

A bricklayer named John Kemble was summoned before Mr. Athawes at the Chatham Police Court on Monday for threatening Susannah Parker, whose husband keeps the "Brickmaker's Arms" beerhouse at Gillingham.

Mr. Greathead appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Local Licensed Victuallers' Society.

The defendant lodged at the "Brickmaker's Arms" but on the 20th July Mrs. Parker, whose husband was out, refused to serve him with beer because he was already drunk. This was at seven o'clock in the evening and from that time till eleven defendant remained in the house obstructing the trade and threatening "to do" for Mrs. Parker and her children.

At eleven o'clock Mrs. Parker shut the house up and him outside, and defendant remained till two o'clock in the morning knocking at the door and shutters because Mrs. Parker, in previously handing him his clothes, had not included among them a shirt which was temporarily mislaid. During all this time no policeman could be found and the neighbours did not offer to assist Mrs. Parker in any way. Mr. Athawes accepted one surety of 5 for defendant's good behaviour for three months, and ordered him to pay 10s. 6d. costs.


From the By Lynn Cox, 20 December 2013.

Medway firefighters tackle blaze in outbuilding of derelict Brickmakers Arms pub in Gillingham.

A fire broke out in an outbuilding of a derelict pub in Gillingham last night.

Medway firefighters were called to the former "Brickmakers Arms," in Wyles Street, at about 10pm and found junk in the brick outhouse well alight.

The crew used breathing apparatus to enter the building and used their hose reels put out the flames, but spent some time at the scene making sure hotspots were completely out.

Brickmaker's Arms fire 2013

A fire broke out in an outbuilding of the derelict Brickmakers Arms in Gillingham. Picture: Lucy Plummer.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "It was a small shed say about 3m by 5m and it was full of junk.

"The fire inside was well alight when we arrived.

"After making sure the hotspots were damped down, we left there about 11.30pm."

Brickmaker's Arms fire 2013

A fire broke out in an outbuilding of the derelict Brickmakers Arms in Wyles Street, Gillingham.

It is not known at this stage what caused the fire.

The pub shut earlier this year and was boarded up in August.

London property firm YL Property Services has permission to turn the site into three flats.


Still trading in 2011 but in 2013 it had closed and was subsequently turned into residential housing.


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COOPER Dixon 1871+ (age 51 in 1871Census)

PARKER Charles 1881-22+

PARKER William 1930+

CAMPBELL Wilfred J 1938+

HALL Phil ????


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